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15 Things That Will Matter Less to You in 20 Years


Things That Will Matter a Lot Less to You

2020 is one of those years that will stand out in history. With each month out doing the prior one, we start to wonder what’s next? If you are like me, you probably claimed 2020 as your year to shine and from the looks of things, you might just be second-guessing yourself.
But there is always a rainbow after the storm and I will continue to hope and see the positive side of things. 
The whole "being quarantined" experience, have made me realize a lot of things that were important to me, and I was able to do without. And it got me thinking what else could I cut out of my life going forward and replace with something more positive and uplifting? 
So, I made a list that I am going to share with you. Here are some things we tend to expend lots of mental and physical energy on when we’re younger, that we eventually realize matter a lot less than we originally thought…

1. Failures and perfection - Failure is when you get a result that you were not hoping for, an unfavourable outcome. But we learn from our failures so we can succeed, then we can get the results we were hoping for, a favourable outcome.

Taking what we learned from our mistakes and turning them into success stories - both are equally important in life.

This does not mean that everything has to be perfect.

Mastery of the difference between a certain level of striving and perfection is crucial. Perfectionism only causes you unnecessary stress.

I tend to get caught in this web of perfection when creating content and as a result, I procrastinate. Over time I realize that I don't need to always "get it right" because it prevents me from getting anything valuable done at all.

2. I Don't Think I can do this - Whenever you are learning something new or testing the water in a new area, such as studying for an exam or following a guide or a manual, have you ever just said to yourself "I don't think I can do this!"

Confidence is the feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust that aids in us escaping our fears and self-doubt.

As we walk our different paths in life, we hardly have confidence as a newbie, but as we progress and learn, we start to open our inner and outer resources that further build our confidence.

 It's the cycle of learning, you just need to step out of your comfort zone.

3. Making a Mark NOW - With all the sharing on social media, the pressure of making a difference and making a mark now can send some people in a spiral.

Faster is not always better, sometimes slow and steady will give a more favourable outcome.

Also focusing on love, goodwill or unselfishness can go a long way no matter how small - it can mean the world to the person(s) receiving this generosity.

You can make your mark by sharing some knowledge, helping others in whatever way you can because what you give to others will come back to you tenfold. I have lived by this simple rule my whole life.

4. The lure of fast-track fixes - Anything of value normally takes consistent effort to achieve, the older we get the more we realise this truth. Making a meaningful change begins with you and from that, all other changes are formed in your life.

Finishing that degree, working on building healthy relationships, executing that business plan - whatever your personal development involves it starts with you.

Your time and your commitment. We ultimately become what we repeatedly do - reprogramming.  Acquiring knowledge doesn’t equate to growth, but growth starts when you apply that knowledge and foster change in our lives on a daily basis.

5. Booked and Busy -  Unless you're booked and busy building your brand/business then don't jam-pack your schedule.

Leave space to live life.

You will be surprised to learn that a lot of significant things happen unplanned, sometimes planning or having a certain expectation leads to disappointments and regrets.

A better solution is to keep things in order and leave some wiggle room on your schedule. Making a balance in the case of miscalculation or change of circumstances - while still having room to relax.

6. Need to control - The year 2020 has taught us how little we actually control. Pandemic hits and changes life as we know it. Therefore, that urge to be in constant control of everything can still lead to an outcome that we were not expecting.

 Just as we are learning social distancing, working remotely, and increased video calls (both personal and professional), we learn to trust the journey, even when we don't fully understand it.

7. Accountability -Have you ever met a happy person that accusing others and normally avoids responsibility?

No? Neither have I.  

Happy people accept responsibility for how their lives unfold. They accept their own happiness is a result of their own reasoning, beliefs, attitudes, character, and behavior. And in spite of the fact that it requires some time to completely get a handle on this, it's an exercise worth learning.

8. Acceptance - Winning everyone’s approval. It’s the quality of your belief that determines your level of  accomplishment over the long haul, not the number of individuals who concur with each easily overlooked detail you do.

Ultimately, you will realize that you've settled on the correct choices and followed the proper path when there is genuine peace in your heart.

9. Rescue on the way - The idea of saving certain (overly dramatic) people from themselves.Let's face it, you can’t save some people from themselves

They need your "helpless infant" compassion, yet they would prefer not to change. They don’t want their lives fixed by you.

They don’t want their problems solved, their emotional addictions and distractions are taken away, their stories resolved, or their wrecks cleaned up. 

Because what would they have left?

They don’t know and they aren’t ready to know yet.  And it's not your business to tell them. 

10. The narrow-minded and criticizing things others state and do – If you take everything personally, you will unavoidably be irritated for the remainder of your life.  

And that simply isn't worth it!  sooner or later, it becomes perfectly clear that the manner in which individuals treat you is their concern, and how you respond is yours. 

Start exploiting the astonishing opportunity that comes to you when you withdraw from others' shenanigans. 

11. Champion of the argument - You don't have to win every argument or fight to prove yourself worthy.

It does not define how intelligent, educated, or well- rounded you are.

Know which battles to pick and know when to just let it be.

12. Weak Points - Do you have or ever had a defect, fault, or flaw? Maybe some weaknesses or drawbacks.

We all have some emotion or behaviour that we would like to work on or change. We are not perfect, but there are instances where we judge others for their shortcomings.

The older we get, we change, we start to understand that others grow and develop at different paces and learn from their own experiences.

It is important that we create a space for others to grow.

13. Society's fixation on external beauty – As you mature, what you resemble outwardly turns out to be less and less of an issue, and who you are within turns into the essential purpose of interest.

You then realize that in the long run beauty has basically nothing to do with looks – it's who you are as an individual, how you cause others to feel about themselves, and in particular, how you feel about yourself.  

14. Friendship Circle - All the shallow  connections that just make you feel more popular. It's ideal to have acquaintances.  Be friendly.  Just don't lose control and spread yourself too thin. 

Leave a lot of time for the individuals who matter most.  Your time is incredibly constrained, and at some point or another, you simply need to be around a couple of individuals who make you smile from ear to ear for all the accurate reasons. 

15. What the future holds? - over the long haul, you normally have a greater amount of it behind you and less of it before you. The far off future, at that point, steadily has less value to you personally.

But that doesn't generally make a difference, because the good life always begins in the present. 

Don't be one of those people who wait all day for 5 pm, all week for Friday, all year for the holidays, all their lives for happiness.

But there is no better time than right now because that's all the time we are certain of

Don't wait until your life is practically over to acknowledge how great it has been.

The key to bliss and harmony is letting this second be what it is, rather than what you might feel it ought to be, and afterward making the absolute best of it.


As you continue to through this life, do your best to avoid letting  any person or thing hinder your joy.  Remember to live, love, and laugh out loud every day.  Because you don’t want to look back at your life, and realize that it was just a collection of meetings, errands, and few memorable moments. 

Go ahead and sing out loud in the car, and dance in your living room, and do more of the things you actually love, and paint, read, write - however you choose to express yourself and enjoy some sweet wine, ice-cream and cake. 

Let me know which point mentioned above resonates with you the most today, and why?


The older we grow, the quieter we become and the less pointless drama and chaos we engage in.  Life humbles us gradually as we age.  We realize how much nonsense we’ve wasted time on. I learned alot and took away some positive from the past six months, like getting enrolled in onlinne courses, aquring new skills and hidden talents.

You have a purpose on this EARTH, I left this video as a local motivation for you.

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29 thoughts on “15 Things That Will Matter Less to You in 20 Years”

      1. Beautiful post! I definitely need to let go of things out of my control. The amall things I worry about will not effect my om the future. Im growing, but still a work in process.

  1. Tali-Jeh Brown

    Another great post that I can relate to. This pandemic as a lot of us rethinking our purpose and how we can use our skills while being happy and fulfilled, at least that’s how I feel.

  2. Great insights… I’m going to turn 40 in less than 2 months and its amazing how different my outlook on life has become in the last few years. Things that once seemed so important to clearly are not now.

  3. Taking things slowlyyyyyy!!!! This is so important and I can tell that even at 27, I appreciate this more than when I was just 19. I see my students (who are college students) trying to be so productive, and I’m happy I’m shifting out of what somewhat.

  4. Great post about the 15 things! It is true that the year 2020 has made us all pause and reflect on what really matters. It has given us an opportunity to shift our thinking. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Wow. This was so insightful and undoubtedly so so true. So little of what goes on in our daily lives is going to be of any important to us, yet it consumes us so much in the present because we allow it too! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I couldn’t have said it better. So many things we worry and think about now won’t mean a thing years later. Many things are happening in 2020 but I’m definitely taking things slow and day by day.

  7. This is so true! There are so many little things in life that won’t matter in a few years. I get caught up with friends and I have fewer the older I get but big picture that won’t matter!

  8. I wish I can stop caring about a lot of these things already. I literally was depressed that I was not productive and good enough today. Thanks for the reminder. I often mix being successful as happy just because everyone thinks being a certain type of person is more important.

  9. “Faster is not always better, sometimes slow and steady will give a more favourable outcome” … so true. I used to think wearing my bright shiny busy badge was going to bring me “success”. It has worked out the complete opposite. Sometimes we can seek something we don’t really want just because it seems to be the thing to do. Gentle, slow, moving with the flow has given me the life I dreamed of. Thank you for sharing your wisdom! I look forward to receiving more.

  10. This is a great list I completely agree with failures and accountability and how it ties into happiness, I believe life is all about choices. Choices that you, yourself make not choices that someone else has made for you, even if circumstances force you in a direction you had to make a choice in how you dealt with the outcome. Your choice is what defines you.

  11. I agree on all of these! Especially perfection and acceptance. I think as we grow older, our friendship circles get smaller and become quality over quantity.

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