6 Core C’s for a Healthy Relationship

Relationships are all tailored differently, people create unions for a number of different reasons.

It is important to note what defines a healthy relationship, which is sharing similar goals and being on the same page as to where you want it to go.

Broken relationships, and especially broken families, numbers are growing  in society today, and many suffer.

Agony, panic, rage, non-acceptance, loss of trust and self-respect are just some of the issues that people wrestle with as a result. 

Does this mean we should give up on relationships? 

Would it be better to never bother to get close to others? 

It would definitely cause less hurt! 

But we all want a deeper, more meaningful connection with at least one other person. As has been said, ‘Better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all!’ 

Which brings me to the first core c - communication.

1. Communication

Effective communication maybe the key to long-term success in a relationship.Talking deeply, openly and honestly with your partner.

Listening and thinking before speaking.

Misunderstanding is normally a major part in the breakdown of any relationship, and communication is the way to reduce the likelihood of this happening.  

2. Compromise


At some point one or other partner is going to have to give up or negotiate on what they would prefer. See the other persons view and give and take.

For example; recently, I was watching house hunters. In this episode the wife wanted a traditional style home while the husband wanted a big, modern style home. 

Two different taste but in the end she thought of all the compromises her husband made for her and thought he deserved to pick the house they would buy - modern style it was.

3. Commitment

We all know what it’s like to dislike certain activities, but having made a commitment we keep our word. 

In some case one person is fully committed -exclusive relationship. While the other believes there is no strings attached.

Hence, the first core C - Communication is very important. 

You have to be right version yourself before you can truly commit to  someone.  

4. Compatibility 

When a couple relates with equality and respect, they are considered compatible.

It’s important for couples to have fun together and really enjoy the time they spend.

Thriving unions are when persons share friendship and recreational activities. But, that does not mean both parties share all common interest.

Incompatibility in a relationship will lead to unhappiness.

Unfortunately, we don’t always pick partners for the right reasons. We might be drawn to someone based information placed in our mind from our childhood. 

In our quest for a compatible relationship should never be a search for “pieces of the puzzle”.

Or when we seek out someone who “completes” us, we might limit ourselves and our personal growth.

Instead, we should pick people who challenge us and help us evolve.  

When we seek out someone who “completes” us, we might limit ourselves and our personal growth.Instead, we should pick people who challenge us and help us evolve.  

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5. Consideration

Understanding and listening to  the person you are in a relationship with is the basis of consideration.

Continuous and careful thought. Considerate people to  clap back at your partner when their words or actions falls short. Instead take into consideration that maybe it was a rough day and isn't intentionally being short. 

If you tend to listen more than others because you know that the other person has specific issues and you understand those underlining issues and ask and listen?

You are considerate.

6. Choice

Day by day, we make choices. We can choose to invest time in someone, or to neglect.

Life is all about the choices you make picking the right career, buying a new house and sharing your life with the right person for you.

Your choices will be the summary of your life.


The possibility of a relationship falling apart will always exist, it is the determination and commitment of all parties involved to make it work. 

Having a good relationship with yourself and practicing good self care is the foundation needed for any other relationship to be formed.

In addition to healthy self-care, the core c's are all important to grow your relationship into the healthy partnership that you desire.

6 Core C's

1. Communication

2. Compromise

3. Commitment

4. Compatibility

5. Consideration

6. Choice

42 thoughts on “6 Core C’s for a Healthy Relationship”

  1. So true. Been married more than 10 years and it’s really about communication and compromise. But I think above all else it’s about choice. You choose to work on it every day instead of giving up.

  2. Agree. Communication is the key. 6 C’s plays a major role in any relationship. And this is what everyone needs to know, compromise at times mean that we value our relationship more and relation is our priority.

  3. Sounds like stages as well. We Communicate to check our compatibility, i think we should check that first before we can move on to anything else. Then we Choose to Commit then we do considerations and compromise. I have broke up with my ex boyfriend not so long ago and i was with him for 6 long years, i believe we did consider things, we were committed to each other, we did compromise and we were compatible but we struggled a lot with communication thus creating confusion and bad assumptions.

    1. I am sorry to hear that, but I do agree that we take it in stages. However, like you mentioned communication is a major one and should be mastered first.

  4. This post is spot on! I’ve been marries for 12 years. Communication is so important. In my house when we fail to communicate all of the other “C’s” start slipping.

  5. In business and in life…communication, communication, communication – is #1! My experience in both my own marriage and work.

  6. This is so great in general and great timing for me. Relationships are so challenging and take a lot of work to keep strong and healthy. I find consideration has always been huge in my relationships.

  7. I love that you included choice! It may sound in-romantic, but to me love and marriage is as much a choice as it is a feeling. Commitment means choosing to love that person even on days when you don’t like them!

  8. This is a great reminder for people like me who have been married over 10 years that we need to stop and remember why we chose that person. Its a constant work in progress. I’m so happy that because I follow the 6 C’s, my husband and I have a pretty solid relationship where we want to be together. It creates the intimacy and passion needed to sustain longterm.

  9. These are all so important so many times I see young couples that get married and I think to myself do they really have what it takes? I hope they do, but sometimes it seems like the property is a big wedding and party to post about on social media not the aftermath of really life.

  10. Olufunke Kolapo

    They are all important to make a relationship work. And where even one is lacking there, problem arises.

  11. I really enjoyed your post. All of these Cs are important. I think choice is really a big one. I choose to still stay with this person 🙂

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  13. Thanks for this post. Relationships are challenging, but getting to a healthy place with your partner is possible with tenacity and will to have a happy relationship.

  14. I completely agree with these points! I grew up without any good examples of marriage, and so did my husband. We have had to learn and grow together to make us work. The hardest thing for me is communication when I am hurt.

  15. All excellent points! I have heard some view having to “compromise” as a negative. However I have found by being willing to compromise – to be open to give to each other 100% and 100% makes for a beautiful, giving, long-lasting relationship. Thank you for highlighting this quality.

    1. Karletta maybe the negative views are just trying to express that no “one rule” fits all, but compromise is a Core C. Thanks for that feedback.

  16. These are all very important factors to ensure good relationships. They are not always easy to follow, and that’s where compromise comes in. Great post!

  17. Great article! It’s absolutely true, communication goes a looong way in keeping a relationship healthy. Sometimes it’s hard to really, really listen to your spouse-especially when you’re mad but it helps so much in the end. Thanks for sharing!

  18. So beautifully written, I love your article and how well it summarises a relationship. We’ve been married 6 years and our main C would have to be communication, but closely followed by commitment and consideration. Great article!

  19. I love this, every New couple should read this and have classes in communication! The big C in my relationship is communication tbh, compromise just comes naturally I suppose because WE care for Zach other

  20. These are all so important to relationships, but seeing them laid out like this is interesting. In my relationship we focus a lot on communication, and it really helps.

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