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Thought of the Week July 19 - 25

"All progress takes place outside the Comfort Zone"


- Michael John Bobak

New love, the promise, and the potential of finding your soulmate – exciting. Getting to know someone you like, you being to feel the butterflies in your stomach. The emotional highs and feelings of giddiness are normal – no cause for alarm.


In fact, a study from the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine found that the more young adults use social media, the more unhappy they report being.

People actually get addicted to social media, so much so that it interferes with their work, their health, and their relationships. They become obsessed.”

It is important to note what defines a healthy relationship, which is sharing similar goals and being on the same page as to where you want it to go.

Traveling promotes happiness and helps you take your mind off stressful situations. This leads to lower cortisol levels, making you feel more calm and content. “It also helps us.

Remember whenever the mirror told the Evil Queen that Snow White was prettier than her, how it drove her crazy?

This is because the spotlight was now on Snow White.

So she decided to kill Snow White and keep her heart in a box - you know the rest of the story.

That’s an example of a toxic narcissists craving chaos and destruction.

A narcissist enjoy feeling that they have created havoc for someone else.

Whether it's baby boomersgeneration X to generation Y, and now generation Z. One things is for sure.

Each generation is either one of three things:  connected, disconnected and/or overlapping.  

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Riu Negril Pool

That beautiful scenery on a daily basis was truly relaxing.Looking at the acres and acres of well-manicured lawns as the waves from the Caribbean sea inches away – RIU Negril is breathtaking.

Skills to learn


It was about Skills that were hard to learn but would pay off forever if you did learn them. And I felt so enlightened after really listening to the information in the video