Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa-Review

How does Traveling helps?

“ Traveling promotes happiness and helps you take your mind off stressful situations. This leads to lower cortisol levels, making you feel more calm and content. “It also helps us reflect on our personal goals and interests”  

 - Greenberg

I always thought it would be too expensive to take a vacation in Jamaica – my own country.

I guess between the advertisements and conversations I heard growing up gave me that thought.

I truly believed that taking a vacation in Jamaica was for everybody else but the people who actually live here.

I am here to tell you that is completely false!

Growing up all the children would either travel overseas or go to the country for summer.

That was the definition of summer vacation as far as I could see.

As for me I would have a bunch of activities planned year after year but close to none ever manifested.

First Vacation 

Back in 2017, I thought to myself– I really would like a vacation.

You know to experience what others dream about when they think of the Caribbean. “YA MON”

PS- We do not say “Ya Mon!” or even repeat it constantly, whose crazy idea was that?!

Seek Information

Okay, now that we have that "ya mon" issue out of the way, let's continue.

It's always best to seek information for yourself. Plus, if you are going to ask someone, ask someone who knows what they are talking about.

As I was saying, I was exhausted from consistently working. Hence, the decision for a well-deserved vacation was born.


So I  ask google. I scrolled through the list of all the all-inclusive hotels my search provided on the western end of the island.

After looking for hours at a ton of beautiful locations, my partner and I settled on the Hilton Rose Hall all-inclusive Resort and spa.


I notice online prices varied to stay a the Hilton's Rose Hall Resort. That left me open to a range of prices for the same reservations!

Remember, I was clueless about the whole process. Worse of all, I wasn’t using a travel agent to guide me.

I went to the source, I called the Hilton's. I was transferred to the reservations department and the customer service was excellent.

Long story short, I booked my stay for a weekend a the local rate.

After finalizing my reservation, I packed up and headed for the North Coast.


The all-inclusive Hilton Rose Hall Resort & Spa beachfront was stunning.

My room was located a little below the top floor.

I was able to enjoy the view of the legendary 18th-century sugar plantation in Montego Bay, Jamaica from my floor- breathtaking.

Greeted by wine chilling on ice! A king-size bed, spacious dresser, mini bar, bath and a small safe, plus the scenery. A little piece of heaven.

From now on I’m definitely going to always request our room be on the same floor as the coffee shops, restaurants, and lounges.

Or whatever the next hotel that I stay offers just to save time.

You don’t realize until you’re at a resort how many minutes you can spend walking to and from the restaurants, the lobby, etc.

Food & Drinks

Now settled in, the first thing to try is the variety of food and drinks.

I mean, order what you like – after all, it's all-inclusive, explore what the resort has to offer.

The food was great, the atmosphere was welcoming and we spent a lot of time dining at the Fresh restaurant.

The Fresh had all the varieties under one roof, we almost didn’t visit any other restaurant because we were so captivated by the convenience it offered.

The egg station was enjoyable at breakfast, omelette's were done to order right in front of you - Live entertainment.

Most of all, I really appreciated the 24hr Coffee shop near the lobby, it offered a wide variety of coffee and snacks which I found to be very convenient.

With your choice of seven delightful restaurants, grills, and bars which offer a varied and tasty menu of food and drinks, FRESH was our choice.

There was really no need to visit any other restaurant in my book.

Each bar offered a different special mixed drink.

Definitely check out the Jerk pit and natural Juice bar on the beach near those wonderfully shady trees, beach chairs and gentle cool breeze.

Ahh....I just relived that moment.

The culinary experience there was surely memorable.

Awesome Slides!

Image resortforaday.com

Pool & Beach. I think the photos really speak for themselves. The beachfront and pool area at this resort is just beautiful - highlight of my vacation.

I absolutely recommend getting this hotel just for the thrilling and refreshing on-site Sugar Mill Falls water park. That features a flowing river, lagoons, and a giant water slide.

The slides were the highlight of my vacation.


The staff was unbelievably attentive and we felt they really took care of us.


To be honest.

I have gone on other vacations and always remember the professionalism I got at Hilton.


If you like watching fire breathers, drumming and cultural dances then you will definitely be entertained.


Personally, I didn't find the entertainment during my stay very entertaining but everything else was so satisfying.

In addition, to those live performances there is a club with a schedule entertainment and a pool table.



  • Family Friendly  
  • Beautiful Scenery 
  • Slides and pool
  • Food and Drinks delicious 
  • Clean, lovely staff


  • Entertainment
  • Cheaper Options


Overall Experience

In concluding, I would definitely recommend the Hilton's to anyone and I would revisit. The staff catered to my needs, they were polite and pleasant. It was a clean environment with delicious food and very family-friendly. The scenery gives insight into the beauty of the Island, a major plus. However, for me the entertainment needs improvement - it should have been more interactive. The egg station was the most memorable live entertainment for heaven sake, I even remembered the cook's name - Sylvester.

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  1. Glad you had a great time! Jamaica always seems like a paradise to outsiders and tourists but we hardly think about what it’s like for locals. My husband who grew up in Kingston hates going to the beach.

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