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10 Skills That Will Benefit You a Lifetime If You Learn Now

The other day I was just browsing and watching some true-life stories on Youtube when an Evan Carmichael video came up. It was about Skills that were hard to learn but would pay off forever if you did learn them. And I felt so enlightened after really listening to the information in the video. It wasn't anything new but when it came together in one presentation made a whole lot of sense to me and I thought I would share it with you from my perspective.


Skill #1. Speaking up

We should get comfortable with public speaking, this is a tough one because statistics have proven that people fear public speaking more than death.


Yes, you read that right.


I for one have gotten better at public speaking, especially during college years and the workplace when I had to do presentations and now it's very much apart of my everyday life. (Still not the best at it)


Skill #2. Being Honest With Yourself

If you are an entrepreneur there is a good chance that you have lied to yourself, especially during the start-up phase of your business.


This is better, faster or cheaper - but is it really?

 People model whatever is already successful.

 With that, we just have to be honest about what we know and what we don't know but try to know our business better than anybody else.


Skill #3. Confidence

I learned the power of confidence when I just started working, I knew the information well but I questioned myself every step of the way.

 This would show up when a supervisor or the director asked me questions.

I fumbled over my words and skipping through source documents to be sure, even though I knew the information first hand but I was not confident and it showed. 

This became even clearer to me when the General Manager would share incorrect information in my presents and because he spoke with such confidence even I almost believed him even though I knew the information was incorrect.

It sounds crazy but its true, confidence is a major skill to acquire. It has improved how people react to me in the workplace because now I am confident that I can find the solution to problems.


Skill #4. Listening

People like it when they are not only heard but listened to.

And I can think of many times when I felt like I wasn't being listened to and I do my best to not let people I correspond with feel that way.

Good listeners make Good leaders and tend to be the last to speak in a discussion or meeting, the skill to hold your opinion to yourself until everyone else in the room has spoken gives two results.

Firstly, it gives everyone the feeling that they have been heard and contributed.

Secondly, you get the benefit of hearing what everyone else has to say and think before you share your own.

Avoid nodding in agreement or disagreement but instead, ask questions so you can have a better understanding of why they have that point of view.


In all honesty, It is easier said than done.


Skill#5 Time Management

This is a major one for me because there are so many things that we spend time on that do not add value to our lives and suppress our creativity.


It's like we are dumbing down our own ideas because we are always consuming ideas of others. Its one of the reasons I started blogging because it a creative avenue for me and I can share it with other people.

 Reading, writing, arts, etc are still very important. We are busier than every other generation, but are we efficient?

 Are we busy being our best selves?

Let's think about it for a moment how much time do we spend doing things we are passionate about compared to task and/or things we have to do to survive.

Time is precious, valuable, and irreplaceable and needs to be used more wisely.


Skill#6 Stop Whining

We complain, fuss, and criticize. 

"I can't do this", "I always do that"," but they never"... "why don't you do this or that?" and the list goes on. 

Have a day when we don't complain or fuss about what is not going right and just appreciate what we do have.


 Skill#7 Being Present

Going back to the past can be depressing because you are re-hashing things that happened to you and uprooting the feelings that come with it.

And if you are living in the future you are going to be anxious and anticipating what's to come.

Being in the present moment will give you control because its what is happening now and it makes you happier. It doesn't matter what has happened to you.

In fact, some of the people that have had the worst things happened to them are some of the happiest and grateful people in the world. It comes down to your mindset, thoughts, and attitude - which we are in total control of.

 It will make you happier to focus on the present because you can savor the moment, it's like having a meal. When you having a meal you are focusing on the taste, smell, and the people you are sharing that moment with.

 You are not thinking of the past or the future but only that moment and appreciating it.


Skill#8 Consistency 

Showing up, doing, and pushing yourself even when you don't feel like it, is how you become consistent.

Taking the unfavourable outcomes and using them as a stepping stone to continue on your journey, it takes time, even if you think nothing is happening.

 Continue being consistent - It counts.


Skill #9. Getting Enough Sleep

I for one get really cranky and annoyed easily when I am tired. Simply put - I can not be my best self if I am tired.

Therefore, you have to say No to things you may want to do in order to get enough rest to do the things that are important.

Take for example your group of friends want to have a fun night out and the idea excites you.

But if you go you won't get enough sleep for your meeting in the morning.

Its not easy but you have to get used to saying no sometimes.


Skill #10. Empathy

Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

It is what allows us to connect with one another and bond.

It is very valuable to the human species and women tend to access it more effortlessly - like when we cry. 

Empathy is the engine that power us, civilizes us, and connect our hearts.

Shenna Roberts

These ten skills I believe are important in personal development. If  you have not started to learn these skills, then start today or if you have started already like myself continue to work on them. Confidence, Consistency and Empathy were skills that resonated with me, share which ones stood out for you in the comments.

Remember - You got this!

54 thoughts on “10 Skills That Will Benefit You a Lifetime If You Learn Now”

  1. Tali-Jeh Brown

    A truly relatable article, it cover everything that makes us all human. Aka how we are capable of procrastinating from our main goals for leisure.

  2. Great post and a great list of skills! We can all learn to imbibe these skills so we can all be benefited and be successful. Thanks for sharing

  3. Being present has been something Ive been trying to master over the last few years and it is TOUGH! I can agree that all of these are so important and so useful with moving forward!

    1. This is one skill that is easier said than done because we tend to go in the past or anticipate the future rather than being present.

  4. Speaking up is such an important skill! I wanted to transfer colleges because a public speaking course was required for all students- and now I know why! 10 years later and I don’t even think twice about doing it since it’s just part of the job 🙂 Speaking up in terms of self-advocacy in the workplace is another huge one!

  5. I feel like I need to work on almost all of these, haha. But they’re all very important skills! Thanks for sharing. xo

      1. These are great tips and skills! I am working on several of these myself — listening, being present, speaking up and confidence — all super important! 💗

  6. This is a great list! Soft skills like these are so much more important in the job market nowadays as other things like programs can be taught, but having these will take you so much further in life 🙂

  7. caressa walker

    I absolutely love that you included empathy in your post! As humans we are not well oiled machines. We have our good and bad days and need people to understand when we need understanding.

  8. Being confidence and time management are major parts where I need to work. I am really very bad in time management, always get late in work. Try to manage it.

  9. Olufunke Kolapo

    Speaking up, time management and getting enough sleep are the some skills I need to learn or pick up.
    Great post!

  10. Tracy @ Cleland Clan

    I agree with all of these, but especially with listening. So many people aren’t good listeners–they play on their phones or focus on other things instead of paying attention and asking appropriate questions or even giving encouraging nods or sounds.

  11. Great list! It’s always important to try to make yourself a better you. Speaking up for myself is one I’m always trying to work on.

  12. Really great article! These are indeed ten skills that have vastly improved my life. I think sometimes people feel they’re either born being able to speak up or not, but it truly is just a skill that you can build and practice. Thanks for sharing!

  13. I appreciate what you said about whining. While it feels good to “vent” sometimes, research shows that too much negative output is not helpful!

  14. Great tips! We almost always tempted to do the opposite of your mention skills, because we’re human. The determination to change by working on these skills help us to become a better person.

  15. Getting enough sleep, getting enough sleep, getting enough sleep! So important at any age!! It is a deal breaker!

  16. These are all great skills! Speaking up and being confident really changed my life a lot. I still need to work on my sleeping though!

  17. This is a great article! One thing I really need to work on is getting enough sleep. There were times when I thought I could go about my day with 4 hours of sleep… boy was I wrong lol! I felt like a walking zombie and I definitely didn’t get a lot of things done because I was just so focused on how tired I was.

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